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January 2022


On December 14 the First Minister announced some additional measures to help control the rapid spread of the new COVID-19 Omicron variant. The following summarises the changes and what this means for North Kessock Village Hall.

Safety measures

All the usual measures continue to apply, such as mandatory wearing of face coverings, increasing ventilation, collecting test and protect data, good hand hygiene and regular cleaning of surfaces. But to comply with steps to reduce crowding and limit social contact between households, physical distancing has been reintroduced. Clearly this will affect capacity limits (see below). Given the ease with which the virus is transmitted, the physical distancing is set at 2 metres.

Capacity limits

To maximise the opportunity for physical distancing, capacity limits will have to return to near or at the levels used earlier in the pandemic, when village halls first reopened. This was that 12 people, physically distanced, can be accommodated safely. This can allow for people to sit/stand with friends and family, so long as any one group is made up of no more than 3 households (see below).

Seated activities

Tables and chairs can be grouped to allow up to three households to mix (e.g. a table of 6). But the seated group must then be two metres from the next nearest seated person. If tables are not required, then chairs can, for example, be laid out in a mix of ones, twos, threes and fours. The key requirement is for any 3-household-grouping to be at least two metres (in all directions) from the next nearest person in all directions.

Standing activities

These are perhaps more difficult to manage. People need to be reminded to remain 2 metres from anyone else, unless they are from their own group of up to 3 households. There are markings on the floor to help to encourage physical distancing. Care will be needed at pinch points such as doorways or narrow corridors.

Children’s activities

To help reduce the risk of transmission within the under-12s and 12-17 age groups, the official guidance says currently that organisers, coaches, leaders and anyone attending these types of activities to participate or spectate should:

  • wear face coverings when indoors, unless exercising or are exempt.  
  • take lateral flow tests before attending activities, especially if you will be mixing with people from other households.  
  • follow the guidance and instructions in place for the venue which might include using one-way systems, hygiene measures and ventilation.

Sport and exercise

Sport and exercise can continue as now, but with the reintroduction of physical distancing wherever possible. Spectators should remain in groups consisting no more than 3 households; and physically distant from other groups. Players themselves can form a bubble made up of no more than 3 households; and again, should remain physically distant from other player bubbles and any spectators.

Music, dance, drama and performances

For audiences, the guidance above for seated and unseated activities applies. For performers, then wherever possible, they should form bubbles of up to three households; and keep physically distant from other bubbles. Performers are also advised to take regular lateral flow tests.


Everyone is encouraged to take a lateral flow test before attending an event or social gathering. Home test kits are freely available from pharmacies and also online. North Kessock Village Hall has decided to add testing as a recommended safety measure for updating their hire criteria.

What will this mean for North Kessock Village Hall?

Village halls will need to ensure all those entering continue to wear a face covering unless exempt. (They can be removed, albeit temporarily, to take part in sport or exercise, dancing, to eat or drink, or when seated during children’s activities).

User groups should continue to collect contact details and pass them to village hall management committees. These must then be discarded after 21 days. We will continue to ensure the Test and Protect Posters are displayed clearly.

Also, with good ventilation and hand-hygiene remaining advisory, sanitisers will be kept in place and users are asked to try and maximise ventilation inside the hall by opening doors and windows and turning on the high-level extractor fan. There are now CO2 monitors in the main hall and the meeting room which give an indication of the air quality.

Users are required to spend fifteen minutes before and after a hire sanitising door handles, light switches, tables and chairs, wash basins and to complete a sanitising checklist.

Test and Protect

As part of Test and Protect, user groups must register contact details for people using the hall and share them with us - where they will be kept for 21 days. In addition, as a further Test and Protect measure the hall has registered with Check In Scotland for a QR code for the hall like the one below.

When you first scan the hall’s unique QR code by pointing your mobile phone camera, it will launch a Check In Scotland online form on your phone. You need to enter your contact details, including name and contact number, and click 'check in' to confirm you are at the hall. This will record the date and time you arrived. When you leave, you should check out. If you still have the online form open on your phone, you just need to press 'check out'. If you do not have the online form open, you can check out by rescanning your venue's QR code. The QR codes will be displayed at the entry and exit points as well as several places in the hall."




North Kessock Village Hall (NKVH) has become a Scottish Charitable Incorporate Organisation (SCIO). Following the (hopefully imminent) completion of the lengthy legal process to transfer title of the hall to the SCIO, which involves three firms of solicitors, the current NKVH Board intend to hold an AGM.

The Board have received early indications that the majority of current Board members intend to stand down, and at this early stage would like to encourage NKVH members to consider standing for membership of the new Board.

The Board will need members with a variety of different skills and interests to enable it to function effectively (e.g., IT, experience of submitting grant applications, building maintenance, administration, health and safety, business, finance, etc.) - however enthusiasm is the main requirement!

You need to be a member of the North Kessock Village Hall (SCIO) charity to be elected to the Board (see below to join the charity).  If you would like to become a member please complete an application form and email it to nkvh@googlegroups.com or post it to the North Kessock Village Hall, Marine Drive, North Kessock IV1 3XS attaching the completed form. Membership is open to any individual aged 16 or over who is resident in the North Kessock postal district.  Board meetings are held at 7.00pm on the second Wednesday of each month, in the Meeting Room at the Hall.

If you are interested or wish further details, please contact nkvh@googlegroups.com






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