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The flag will be flown on behalf of persons living in the community, by request on the following occasions -
  • To celebrate a Birth
  • To celebrate a Marriage
  • To mourn a Death
The flag will only be flown following a request, direct to a member of North Kessock Village Hall by a relative or person close to the family for which the request is being made.  
Committee Members to Contact
Please do not leave a message on an answering machine as the Committee Member may be on holiday and may not get your request in time.  
The following information must be given:
  • The name of the person/persons for whom the flag is to be flown.
  • The address (there may be more than one person with the same name).
  • Date on which the flag is to be flown. In the event of a death this will be from when the member of the committee is informed to the conclusion of the funeral.
  • In the case of a death, the date and time of the funeral.
  • The type of flag to be flown, Union or Saltire. The Union flag will be flown unless requested otherwise.

Any change to dates, times etc. must be notified to a committee member.

We will always do our best to comply with requests as soon as possible but it is dependent on appropriate persons being available.



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