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Minutes October 2009

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held at 7.30pm on Wednesday 7th October 2009 in North Kessock Hall

Joe Lindsay (JFL) Keith Leech (KL) Seoras Swanson (SS) Margaret Mackenzie (MM) Angus MacLean (AMcL)
Joan Paterson (JP) Margaret Brown (MB) Eliz MacLennan (EMcL) Joan McLennan (JMcL)

Rhona Adams (RA)

CHAIRMAN'S WELCOME - JFL welcomed those attending.

INTRODUCTION OF MARION RHIND – JFL reported that unfortunately Marion Rhind was unable to attend the meeting due to unforeseen circumstances. He then went on to explain that Marion was an outreach worker for Ross-shire Voluntary Action and she was interested in talking to the committee to see what she could do to help with the running of the hall. Hopefully Ms Rhind will be able to attend at a later date.

ADOPTION OF MINUTES dated 2nd September 2009 - Proposed by Margaret Mackenzie, seconded by Keith Leech


SS delivered his report. The Bank balances as at 30th September 2009 = £8,569.42.
JFL proposed adoption and AMcL seconded.

1. An email has been received from Sally Cooper informing us about the progress of the Hogmanay dance.
(See under next item).

DETAILS                            (* *) ACTION BY


a) Social Sub-Committee Report - As SC and MN were not in attendance, there was no report, but in the email received from SC on the hub, SC has confirmed that they have booked a disco for the Hogmanay dance who will play a range of music suitable for the evening. They also confirmed that the proceeds of this event are going to hall funds. MM to liaise with SC and MN for updates and to organise and discuss the hall decorations which are to be put up on Sunday 6th December 2009. (MM)

b) Senior Citizen's Party - EMcL said that Chrissie Logan would be prepared to take on the running of the Senior Citizens Party this year rather than let it fold. A discussion took place and the committee decided to gratefully accept Mrs Logan’s kind offer as she has successfully organised this event many times in the past. The committee also said that they would offer any help needed in running the event.

c) Other – dances, concerts, sales, etc – Nothing further on this item apart from the Hogmanay dance which was dealt with at a) above.

2. MAINTENANCE SUB-COMMITTEE - KL delivered his report.

The committee held a meeting on Wed 9th Sept.
They inspected the entire hall and exterior and then proceeded to update the schedule of works.
Also the Carefree Club had complained of fumes coming from the boiler. On inspection, a problem with the flue was discovered. A part has now been ordered to rectify the problem but as KL pointed out the boiler will probably need to be replaced with something more efficient in the future. He also reported that the next meeting of the Black Isle Partnership is to be the 29th October 2009 where we will be able to gather information available on hall heating systems. KL hopes to attend.

MM asked if the Archery Club had hung up their safety net. JFL confirmed that this had been done.
MM reported that we have bookings for two ceilidhs, on the 23rd Oct and 18th Dec. Also a tea dance has been booked for
the 5th Dec for Help the Aged. They have asked for help with putting out tables and chairs. AMcL agreed to arrange
A Gaelic language club has booked the committee room for 29th October.
KL added that now the mice under the stage had been dealt with, a letter should be sent out to all clubs with children
stating that the area under the stage is strictly out of bounds. (MM)
JFL also added that all new clubs to fill out an A5 poster with their club details so that it can be posted on the notice board
to let the public know what’s on in the area. (MM)
It was noted that the last club to have used the committee room had left it in a mess. MM to contact the club concerned.

JL confirmed that the changes to the constitution have been advertised. He has new copies ready for signing after the AGM on Monday 12th October 2009.

No further progress.

8. AGM (12th OCTOBER)
MB is organising wine and cheese for the AGM on Monday 12th October 2009 at 8pm. JL and AM arriving early to set up in the Committee room. It was decided that to make more room for the AGM, we should offer a couple of easychairs in the committee room to good homes as they are past their best. AMcL and KL offered to deal with this. (AMcL) (KL)

9. Public Liability Notice.
This is still to be obtained and displayed on the hall notice board. (SS)


a) JFL informed the committee that there were three Garden Competition trophies in the stage cupboard and also he has made three CD copies with all relevant forms etc and these are in the filing cabinet.
b) JFL also added that as he will no longer be the chairman of the NKAA as from the AGM on 12th Oct, would the committee like him to keep up the NKAA web site www.kessock-hall.net    The committee decide this would be a good idea and that JFL to move the site over from his own site www.kessock.net and administer it until such time as someone else can take it over.
Someone on the committee would have to be appointed to send JFL minutes, 100 club winners etc every month. KL proposed this decision and MB seconded.
B) After much discussion it was decided that the piano on the stage was old and redundant. SS offered to advertise the piano on the web page ‘Freecycle’. (SS)
c) Also there are two large items of stage scenery belonging to Jean Kilpatrick taking up space in the store cupboard. These belong to Jean Kilpatrick who used to put on children’s stage productions in the hall. MM offered to write to Mrs Kilpatrick and ask what she would like done with them as they have not been used for some years. (MM)


100 CLUB:
No 177. Mrs C. Brown £25
No 60. Elizabeth MacLennan £15
No 152. Dennis MacLachlan £10


Regular Meeting - 7.30pm Wednesday 4th November in Committee Room.

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