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Minutes January 2010


MINUTES of MEETING held at 8.00pm on Wednesday 6th January 2010  in North Kessock Hall
 Janet Jardine (JJ)   Keith Leech (KL)   Seoras Swanson (SS)   Margaret Mackenzie (MM)   Angus MacLean (AMcL)
 Margaret Brown (MB)   Eliz MacLennan (EMcL)   Rhona Adam (RA)   Joan McLennan (JMcL)  
No apologies.
CHAIRPERSON'S WELCOME – The Chairperson, Janet Jardine opened the meeting and wished everyone a Happy New Year and thanked everyone for attending the meeting despite the freezing weather conditions. She also offered her thanks to everyone who had helped with organising the Senior Citizens Xmas Party and the Hogmanay Party while she was unwell.
ADOPTION OF MINUTES dated 2nd December 2009 – Subject to a few minor amendments the minutes were adopted by KL and seconded by RA.
TREASURER'S REPORT – SS circulated copies of the December report. He explained that we were running a deficit for December of -£835.63. He reminded the committee that December can be a difficult month with regard to income and was not overly concerned. The list of outstanding invoices was gone over and SS & MM to issue reminders. (SS) (MM)
The Bank balances as at 31st December 2009 = £8,131.34
MM proposed the report and MB seconded them.
1.        SS has received a thank you card from Graham & Isobel Lowe with regard to the Senior Citizens Xmas Party. MM to reply also with a letter of thanks for their kind donation to the party of £25. (MM)
2.        MB has received a letter from Graham Watson of MacLeod & MacCallum Solicitors informing us that the disposition to transfer the title of the hall car park to the hall trustees has now been completed. The hall and carpark are now in the name of the same trustees. He also mentioned the issue of the title to the hall which requires to be extended to include all of the ground now occupied by the hall and its surrounding areas. It was agreed That MM to write a letter of thanks to Mr Watson along with payment for work done and also requesting an idea of further search fees to establish ownership of adjacent land to the east and under hall extension. (MM)
3.        MM has received a letter along with cheques for hall rent due from the Community Markets held recently in the hall. In the letter she thanked us for the reasonable rent of the hall and asked if we wanted any help with renewable energy projects to let her know. She also asked if it would be a good idea to have a fridge and a microwave in the kitchen. MM to write back thanking her for her offer of help and we will keep her suggestions on record. (MM)
1.     Regarding training for committees, KL emailed Marion Rhind notifying her of our interest in this.  No reply to date.
2.     No contact has been made with James Dingwall regarding scaffolding.
3.     EMcL reported that there has been no progress yet with the one day staff training for functions providing alcohol. JJ, SS, KL, MB and MM all expressed an interest in training, KL to email Marion Rhind to see if members of NKAA can be trained as a group. (KL) SS also to contact Ramsay McGhee with the same question. (SS)
4.     MM to make up new list of committee members etc for notice boards. A4 size was agreed by everyone. (MM)
                                                DETAILS                    (* *)  ACTION BY
1. MAINTENANCE SUB-COMMITTEE – KL circulated his report. In the report was a list of completed works over the last month. Next were issues requiring attention which included missing key for paper towel holders? MM to get key from the cleaner so that we can get two copies made. (MM) AMcL said that he would remove old metal chair from outside the hall this week. (AMcL)  EMcL commented that the toilets and sinks are needing replaced but it was decided to leave and make do at present and get a plumber in to do necessary repairs. KL and AMcL to remove old screening in storeroom. (KL) (AMcL)  Proposal from KL to request a salt/grit binfrom the council for outside of hall. This was seconded by SS. KL to contact TECS Services. (KL) It was also decided that we should review our notices on table handling as some of the new tables are being damaged as they are not being handled correctly. The cleaning and polishing of the hall floor was discussed at length. It was decided to do this on Tuesday 12th January at 2pm with help from volunteers. KL to get the cleaner & polish from MacGregor’s. (KL) It was decided that this should be a regular item on the monthly agenda to check if the floor needs re-done. (JJ) KL reported that a works plan was needed. After lengthy discussions it was decided to start with the hall entrance. Woodwork to be painted, air vent fixed and bracket holding coat hooks needs painted, missing tiles and doormat replaced and new door handles, following on with toilet décor. RA proposed and MM seconded that we carry out these works this month. The aim is then to follow on with decorating the hall interior in the spring. Thursday 21st January is a provisional date for these works to be carried out during the day from 9.30am. KL to confirm this date and liaise with volunteers on the Hub. (KL)
KL also said that the stage needed refurbished. Grants may be available from the arts council. MB to look into this and KL to check what we need. (KL) (MB) Finally on the Heat & Energy report, KL reported that one survey on insulation has been completed but no report/quotation has been received. RDI Services are to carry out a survey on Thursday 14th January. On receipt of these two quotes we can move forward.
a) Social Sub-Committee Report - No report.
b) Alcohol Licences – This was dealt with under matters arising.
c) Senior Citizens Xmas Party – This item to be put on February Agenda.
d) Hogmanay Dance – No details yet.
No further bookings.
With regards to the concerns over the cleanliness of the hall recently, a discussion took place on how best to resolve this matter. JJ read out a list of suggestions and it was decided that JJ would create a task list and put on the Hub (by 15th Jan) for members feedback. (JJ) MM to have an informal chat with the cleaner to re-establish her duties, (MM)
Consider providing:-
a) Basic cleaning kit for hall users, jay cloths, and notice on where to find brushes – This was discussed and the committee thought this was a good idea. Also colour coded mops and cloths for the cleaner in view of the new Health & Safety guidelines. (JJ) Alsonotice to be put on store cupboard labelled ‘brushes, mops, etc’ and a cupboard designated for cloths.
b) Recycling bins for glass, paper & cans etc – This item to be carried forward to next meeting.
c) Hand driers to support paper towel dispensersThis item to be carried forward to next meeting.
a) Outdoor Notice board key holder – JJ said that she is unable to unlock the outdoor notice board with her key. KL offered his help. (KL)
b) Updated typed notice detailing NKAA Current committee, Non members and cleaner contact details, Hall Trustees required, placed on website, distributed to members and displayed on hall notice boards (indoor and out), and committee room – This was dealt with under Matters Arising – Item 4/ and MM dealing with this. SS to get copy from MM to put on website. (MM) (SS)
c) Inventory for stage cupboard now obsolete – Carry forward to next meeting.
d) Hall users clear out of under stage items – set date – A Saturday in March was suggested for this. Carry forward to next meeting.
e) With reference to Item 3 under Correspondence, re- Hall Rent – It was decided to review hall rents at February meeting. Committee to gather information on other village halls rates in the area.
100 Club Winners -
No      40.   Janet Stollery      £25
No     74.   Jane Arnold        £15
No    102.   Netta Aitkin        £10
Regular Meeting - 8.00pm Wednesday 3rd February 2010 in the Committee Room.

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