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Minutes February 2010


MINUTES of MEETING held at 8.00pm on Wednesday 3rd February 2010 in North Kessock Hall
 Janet Jardine (JJ)   Keith Leech (KL)   Seoras Swanson (SS) Angus MacLean (AMcL)  Margaret Brown (MB)
 Rhona Adam (RA)   Joan McLennan (JMcL)  
Margaret Mackenzie (MM) Elizabeth MacLennan (EMcL)
CHAIRPERSON'S WELCOME – The Chairperson, Janet Jardine opened the meeting and thanked everyone for attending.
ADOPTION OF MINUTES dated 6th January 2010 were proposed for adoption by SS and seconded by AMcL.
TREASURER'S REPORT – SS circulated copies of the January report. MB said she would prompt the Community Council to pay their outstanding invoices. (MB) KL gave SS a bill for decorating materials.
The Bank balances as at 31st January 2010 = £8,342.44
KL proposed the report and RA seconded them.
1.        MM gave MB a letter received from MacLeod and MacCallum Solicitors thanking us for payment in connection with our recent land titles etc. JJ proposed that we should now put this subject of land ownership on hold until such time as local information can be gathered, MM to write letter to Graham Watson thanking him for his time but the committee have decided to put the matter in abeyance for the time being. (MM)
2.        KL has received a quote for cavity and wall insulation which he circulated to all members. 
No matters arising.
                                                DETAILS                      (* *)  ACTION BY
KL circulated his report. With regard to Work in Progress, now that the painting materials are to hand a painting day is to be established and volunteers contacted. Thursday 11th or Thursday 18th February were suggested. JJ to contact MM to see if hall is free on these dates. (JJ) (MM)  KL printed signs for ‘Use of Tables & Chairs’ and ‘Broom Cupboard Contents’. It was suggested a mop & bucket should be available for hall users and kept with the brooms. This was added to the list and MB to source items. (MB)  JM said she would laminate the signs plus print off a sign for ‘Have you remembered to switch off the Heating & Lights’. (JM) There have been a couple of occasions recently where the heating and lights have been left on. A discussion about timer switches took place. SS to investigate. (SS)  It was confirmed that the HC had been contacted about a winter grit bin for outside the hall but we are still awaiting a response. It was reported that the light is not working outside the committee room. AMcL said he would investigate. (AMcL) He also said that he would staple up the loose wires under the bench seating and shave off any splinters. (AMcL) Some of the hall users have commented on some of the lights not working. NKAA are awaiting a new lighting system. It was reported that grants from the Arts Council for stage and acoustic improvement are available but have expired for this year.
a) Flower Show – The annual flower show date will have to be moved this year as there is a wedding booked on the 7th August which is our usual date for the show. New dates were discussed and also a dance/family ceilidh/BBQ after the flower show was suggested. JJ to email all committee members to see if there were any objections to moving flower show to the 14th August. (JJ)
b) Social Sub-Committee feedback from Hogmanay event – An email had been circulated from Sally Cooper about the success of the Hogmanay party. The sum of £285 was raised for hall funds. A letter of thanks to be sent to Sally Cooper and Michelle Nicolson thanking them for all their hard work. (MM)
c) Feedback from Senior Citizens Party – Again this was a successful event. A letter of thanks to be sent to Chrissie Logan thanking her and her team for all their hard work in connection with the SCP. Practical feedback was that some people complained of feeling cold. The committee to be aware of this for next year. (MM)
d) Alcohol Licenses – The talk from David Macpherson from the Licensing Standards Agency was very informative. It appears that we do not need a license or trained staff if we are holding a fund raising event.  He also advised the use of plastic glasses for all hall events.
There are weddings booked for 7th and 21st August 2010.
4. CLEANING a) Clarification of Cleaning Tasks b) Provision of basic cleaning kit for hall users c) Recycling bins for glass, paper and cans d) Hand driers to support paper towel dispensers
JJ had produced and circulated a report on the above subjects. This topic was discussed at great length. The quality and range of cloths is to be investigated by SS. (SS) Towel holder key still missing. SS to email MM to see if she managed to source keys from the cleaner. (SS) (MM)  Soap dispensers in the toilets are not working. SS & KL to have a look at them.
(SS) (KL)
a) Agree date for hall users clear out under stage cupboard - JJ proposed Saturday morning 20th March as a suitable date. AMcL seconded this date. MM to inform committee members by email as this exercise will need to be supervised. Also contact all clubs with a reply date of 20th Feb with a named representative. (MM)
b) Arrange re-organisation of stage cupboard and new inventory -This can be done at the same time as Item a) above.
c) Hall floor status – review next meeting or arrange polish day - The hall floor is satisfactory at the moment.
d) Review rents - MB to email committee members a list of our hall rents and that of other halls in the area for discussion at a later date. (MB)
e) Review Kitchen Equipment - KL to review dates for standard electrical appliance testing. (KL)
f) Heating Controls - Thermostat controls were discussed under maintenance.
g) Storeroom - A number of large mats have appeared in the store cupboard. JJ to contact MM to ask ifpermission was sought from the club involved.(JJ) (MM)
h) 100 Club -
100 Club Winners -
No      107.   Chris MacDonald             £25
No     165.   Margaret MacKenzie        £15
No      142.   Mrs N. Smith                  £10
Regular Meeting - 8.00pm  Monday 1st March 2010  in the Committee Room.

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