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Minutes May 2010










NORTH KESSOCK AMENITIES ASSOCIATION                             amended and adopted

MINUTES of MEETING held at 8.00pm on Monday 26th April 2010 in North Kessock Hall


Margaret Brown (MB)  Seoras Swanson (SS)  Angus MacLean (AMcL) Joan McLennan (JMcL)  Margaret Mackenzie (MM) Elizabeth MacLennan (EMcL)  Rhona Adam (RA)  Keith Leech (KL)  



Janet Jardine (JJ) 

3. CHAIRPERSON'S WELCOME – The Vice Chairperson, Margaret Brown opened the meeting and thanked everyone for attending. She explained that she was standing in for the Chairperson, Janet Jardine who was away on holiday.


4. ADOPTION OF MINUTES dated 29th March 2010 were proposed for adoption by SS and seconded by AMcL. 

5. MATTERS ARISING FROM MEETING of 29th March 2010 –

Outcome of Spring Clearout – Mrs Morley was contacted about WRI items in cupboards and said that they don’t want anything returned. Also Mrs Logan was contacted about items belonging to the guides. She said that there was nothing belonging to the guides left in the hall and whatever items were left should be offered to the Cubs. MB and RA to inform Owen Smith, Cub Leader of this and remind him that he still has items in the cupboard that need to be moved. (MM) (RA)

Secretary’s Report. –. It was decided that the fridge which has been offered to the hall by Ann Thomas should be free standing and ideally under a worktop. Exact positioning at present on hold.

It was agreed to replace the mats at the bottom of committee room stairs and at the door into committee room with new ones. MM to inform the cleaner. (MM)

Display of Posters for groups who pay local rate for rent of hall – Bujinka have provided us with a card for display.

Vents on Stage Stairs -  These vents may need to be filled in professionally for safety reasons. KL and AMcL to investigate. (KL) (AMcL) EMcL suggested James Dingwall may be able to do this when he is making the storage partition. (EMcL)


6. TREASURER'S REPORT – SS circulated copies of the interim April report. We have now successfully completed the electricity change over and our provider is now Procurement Scotland. This change now means that the new unit price is 8.16p - old rate was 19.46p and the quarterly charge is now £9.59 – old rate was £11.03. This now gives us a saving of £284 per year. The cleaner still has to provide SS with a key for the paper towel dispensers so that he can make a copy. (SS)  The committee also went over the most recent cleaning bill and there were concerns about paper wastage.

The interim balance to date on 26th April 2010 was £7,009.43



 MM confirmed that Highland Council have booked the hall for the 6th May. Murdo Paterson has booked hall for Saturday 1st May for a ceilidh in aid of Seaforth Home.  A car boot sale has been booked for Sat 15th May by Riding for Disabled.  Ann Thomas is having a cooking demonstration of Tuesday 18th May.  Bujinka are making a trolley for holding their mats. The Archery Club are finishing up for the summer and they said that they would provide a poster for next term. MM to ask them to take down netting. (MM)



This was circulated by KL. He also proposed a vote of thanks to AMcL for all his work on the committee.

Works completed: These included new rinse piping and cistern in the gents toilet. Also the plumbers have unblocked the main sewer drain. ‘Toddlers’ chairs and tables have been dismantled and removed. The new override switch for the heating has been fitted. Instruction leaflet for programme settings to kept in filing cabinet. Archery Club have rearranged their equipment etc as agreed. Thanks to them for their prompt response.

Works required:  2 broken slabs to be fixed by exterior door of the committee room. (KL) (AMcL)

The soffit board needs fixing on the south west corner of the roof which has come loose. (KL) (AMcL)

The Community Council to remove the cupboard from the vestibule. (Owen Smith)

Heat & Energy: The walls and ceilings have been insulated but the contractor has not yet fitted draught insulation to the doors. KL to chase up. (KL) We have had two further contractors visit the hall with regard to submitting tenders for a new sustainable heating system. Members were asked if they had any suitable contacts for further contractors. Tenders to be submitted by 30th April.

It was decided to hold a Special Maintenance Sub Committee Meeting on Tuesday 4th May at 2pm to discuss further Highland Leader projects.  Meanwhile ideas/suggestions to be put on the Hub and brought to the meeting. Projects for renewal or refurbishment to be considered:- Lower ceiling; acoustics; stage fire doors; windows; heating system; insulation; painting; kitchen; toilets; loop system; sound system; seating round hall.



Broken slabs dealt with under Maintenance. Also paint outside edge of slabs yellow. (KL) (AMcL)  AMcL asked should emergency lighting be on when hall is being used.  This to be carried over to next meeting.  



Flower Show booked for Saturday 14th August 2010. MB asked committee members who would be available on that day. Also did anyone manage to secure helpers?  As the show is a week later this year it was suggested a note on website; posters in notice boards and Spar shop with change of date. (SS) (MB)

A list of what is needed to be done for Flower Show to be drawn up for next meeting. Refer to filing cabinet.



EMcL and JM offered their apologies for the next meeting.



100 CLUB –

No          71.   Joan MacLellan         £25

No        155.    Margaret Brown       £15

No        116.    W Gillies                  £10



Regular Meeting - 8.00pm Monday 7th June 2010 in the Committee Room.



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