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                  NORTH KESSOCK AMENITIES ASSOCIATION                        

MINUTES of MEETING held at 8.00pm on Wednesday 4th August 2010 in North Kessock Hall


Janet Jardine (JJ)) Seoras Swanson (SS) Keith Leech (KL) Angus MacLean (AMcL) Margaret Mackenzie (MM)

Elizabeth MacLennan (EMcL) Joan McLennan (JMcL) 


 Rhona Adam (RA) Margaret Brown (MB)


3. CHAIRPERSON'S WELCOME – The Chairperson Janet Jardine opened the meeting and thanked everyone for attending.

4. ADOPTION OF MINUTES – of 7th July were proposed by SS and seconded by AMcL subject to amendment

 under Item 7 Secretary’s Report:-

1/ There is a new booking for a dog club every Wednesday evening from 21st July – 25th August.


9. Health & Safety – Fire Alarm has been checked and McGregor’s have re-set the controls.

6. Treasurer’s Report – The duplicate invoices have not been issued yet to the Community Council nor have the standard letters been sent out to overdue hall users. MM has made several phone calls with regard to the outstanding invoices.

Mr D. Duguid of the Antiques Fair which is held monthly, would like to pay rent on the day. It was agreed that he could deliver payment to the treasurer in person. SS & MM to send duplicate copies of outstanding invoices plus standard letter to Elaine Jones, Secretary of the Community Council and Owen Smith of Beavers & Cubs. (SS) (MM)

7. Secretary’s Report – The wardrobe in vestibule is now empty and ready for removal. (JMcL)


6. TREASURER'S REPORT – SS circulated copies of the July report. There has been excess income over expenditure this month. Outstanding invoices still remain a problem. Further standard letters requesting payment to be sent out to clubs involved. (SS) (MM)  It was suggested that a stamp be purchased ‘Payment due within 30 days of date of Invoice’ and to be stamped on invoices. JMcL to source. (JMcL) SS suggested looking at changing our invoicing system so that it can be done electronically. JJ to ask Ross-shire Voluntary Action if they know of any simple packages. (JJ)

Bank balance at 31/07/10 was £7,833.09.


7. RENT REVIEW – SS has produced a Receipts & Payments Account covering the last three years including this year and it would appear that we are subsidising the clubs using the hall.  After discussion it was agreed to raise the rent for hall users and at the same time simplify the rates schedule.  Music rights for clubs raised to £3 per hour and to £10 per hour for private functions.  Preparation time for private functions remains the same at £6.00 per hr. A new schedule is to be prepared with new rates and presented to the normal meeting immediately after the AGM meeting in October. If approved the new rates will take effect. 


There is going to be a bar at the wedding on Saturday 7th August in the hall. MM has offered to go to hall on the day to check licence and see that it is displayed behind the bar. (MM)



No formal report this month.  AMcL has washed kitchen curtains and weeded outside underneath kitchen window. He also confirmed that the windows in the gent’s toilet do open. There were two leaks reported in the roof.  KL has cleaned the roof valley which was full of debris. Hopefully this will solve the problem and perhaps should be done every 6 months. He also suggested doubling up on the towel holders in the toilets which would hopefully save on wastage. SS to source. (SS)

AMcL to check on the whereabouts of keys for kitchen soap and towel dispensers. (AMcL) There has been no progress made in finding a replacement mat for the vestibule. Thick rubber matting where the dirt collects in a tray underneath was suggested. SS to check on this or alternatives. (SS).

Application for funding requirements – KL reported that the application has now been submitted to Liz Whiteford of Highland Leader.  A vote of thanks and appreciation was passed for all the hard work MB and KL have put into this project. Invitations to quote for improvements to hall have been posted on the Amenities website for public awareness purposes.  Building warrants are required for the hall works. The firm CLH Solar have agreed to undertake gaining building warrant for their part in the overall project – i.e. biomass and solar energy installation. They will inform us of any amendments to costs.  KL proposed that if we are successful with funding we should offer the contract for the Bio Mass heating boiler and solar water heating system to CLH Solar as the preferred option. This was seconded by SS.

JJ informed the committee had she has spoken to some of the trustees informing them of the proposed improvements but still needs an address list of hall users in order to contact them.  (JJ/MM)  It was noted that responses from these parties are needed by 16th August.



New adhesive black & yellow hazard tape has been purchased and is kept in the grey filing cabinet. The fire alarms have been checked and the controls re-set by McGregor’s.



EMcL reported that all arrangements are up to date. Judges have been re-confirmed. A donation of £20 has been received from Mrs Grigor, Redfield Farm.  EMcL has sent a letter of thanks. EMcL is to contact the auctioneer, Mr Meiklejohn to remind him of the flower show date. (EMcL) Committee members were asked to kindly remember a raffle prize. SS still to get green table covers; napkins & doilies; gifts for judges & auctioneer; float. (SS) SS also to source help for the auction cashier. (SS)



 We have someone interested in the cleaning contract but only on a temporary basis. The person in question would be able to clean on a Monday & Thursday doing 5hrs in total per week for possibly 8-12 wks. JJ asked if SS could put the cleaning advert back on to the Amenities website. (SS)

12. 100 CLUB

No    73.        Alistair McCormack           £25

No      8.        William MacDonald            £15

No     51.      Douglas Rodgers                £10



Dealt with under Item 5. Matters arising from Minutes of Meeting 7th July 2010.


MB and RA very kindly re-polished the hall floor in July.


KL suggested the 100 Club be put on next months agenda for discussion and updating. (JJ)


Next Regular Meeting is at 7.30pm on Monday 30th August 2010 in the Committee Room and will be chaired by the Vice Chairperson, Margaret Brown.

(Change of date due to Chairperson & Minutes Secretary being unavailable to attend regular meeting for Sept.)

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