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MINUTES of MEETING held at 8.00pm on Monday 4th October 2010 in North Kessock Hall


Janet Jardine (JJ)  Margaret Brown (MB)  Margaret Mackenzie (MM)  Elizabeth MacLennan (EMcL)  Rhona Adam (RA)   Joan McLennan (JMcL) 


Keith Leech (KL)  Seoras Swanson (SS)  Angus MacLean (AMcL)


3. CHAIRPERSON'S WELCOME – The Chairperson Janet Jardine opened the meeting and thanked everyone for attending.

4. ADOPTION OF MINUTES – of 30th August were proposed by RA and seconded by MM.



Item 7. Rent Review – At the last meeting it was decided that a new schedule with new rates had to be drawn up and presented at the meeting immediately after AGM on the 11th October. JJ & SS to liaise in preparation for this. (JJ) (SS)

Item 8. Flower Show Report – The total funds raised from the flower show was omitted on last report.  The final figure was £357.72.

Item 8. Flower Show Report - Also it was decided at the last meeting to investigate further on an easier disabled access to the hall. This is to be continued by looking into different types of ramps and also suppliers. MB has a catalogue which she is going to bring along to next meeting and liaise with MIR sub committee on alternatives suggested. (MB).

6. TREASURER'S REPORT – This was received in SS’s absence. The Bank balance at 30/09/10 was £14,805.64 however it was noted that this included:-

a) receipt of an HC Discretionary Grant which is solely for the Hall Improvement Project and can only be spent when all other funding for hall improvements is in place.

b) The expense for the Building Warrant for hall improvements which can be re-imbursed if we are successful with NKAA grants for NKAA hall funding.

7. SECRETARYS REPORT - MM reported that there had been no response from letters sent out to Community Council, Beavers & Cubs and Bujinka regarding overdue payment of invoices. A second standard letter to be sent out to these clubs again. It was also noted that the Bujinka club are no longer renting the hall. £50 has very kindly been donated to the NKAA by Mr Dallmeyer for the loan of hall tables and chairs recently. The Archery Club have also donated £250 to NKAA. The Archery Club have requested the occasional use of the hall on a Friday to provide training for young members.  TV cameras will be in attendance at the Gaelic Singing Club meeting in the committee room on Tuesday 5th October. They are doing a piece on one of their members, Eilidh Barker.

 New bookings include: Gail Sanderson is holding a morning worship service for a combined churches get together on Sunday 31st October from 9am-2pm. There is a 'Help the Elderly' meeting on Friday 3rd December. Carol Service on 17th December and a child party on 19th December.  MM confirmed to JJ that the main hall would be free on 11th October as the schools are on holiday and certain clubs would not be meeting on that date. That being the case the main hall is now to be used for the AGM as the committee room is no longer suitable.   New AGM notices to be put up stating change of venue for the meeting.  (JJ) (JM)

8. 100 CLUB –

It was decided to try and promote new members for the 100 Club by advertising at the AGM. (JJ)


There was no formal maintenance report this month.


1. Project Management Committee (agree personnel and roles)

The key roles of personnel are: - Keith Leech as Project Manager; Seoras Swanson as Assistant Project Manager & Accounts; Margaret Brown as Project Secretary plus all other members of the Project Management Committee i.e., Angus MacLean, Elizabeth MacLennan and Rhona Adam as essential back up with the project. Janet Jardine as the chairperson is to receive continuous feedback from Project Committee.

2. Financial Control, Bank Account, Cheque Signatories

MB proposed that we should open a separate NKAA Bank Account to deal solely with the project. This was seconded by EMcL. Two signatories will be required to sign cheques over a figure of £500.00. These signatories’ are Keith Leech, Seroras Swanson and Margaret Brown.


These records are being kept up to date.


JJ reported that our present cleaner was only with us on a temporary basis and is likely to finish with us at the end of October. As a replacement cleaner will be needed it was decide to re-advertise on the NKAA website. (SS)


It was agreed to write a short letter to the Community Council to get clarification on this subject. While reminding the committee that there used to be two ‘No Dogs Allowed’ signs in the park and would it be an idea to re-instate these signs again?  MB to write to the secretary Elaine Jones. (MB)

14. 100 CLUB DRAW

No         2.                Ian MacKay           £25

No       95.           Colin Hampton            £15

No     125.         Ailsa MacDonald            £10



JJ to check with KL and AMcL on last date that these were carried out.  (JJ)


The hall floor does need polishing again. RA and EMcL have kindly volunteered to do this on Thursday 7th October at 2.30pm. They have also checked on cleaning materials needed. (EMcL) (RA)


The AGM is to be held on Monday 11th October at 8pm. It will now be in the main hall and not the committee room. This decision has been made to come into line with new legislation on Equal Opportunities.

Wine and Cheese to be served. MM to organise and also check cupboard for plastic glasses. (MM)

Plans for the proposed Hall Project are to be copied, laminated and put on display on the evening of the AGM. (JM) Members from the Highland Council have also been invited to attend.


The next Regular Meeting is immediately after the AGM on Monday 11th October 2010 in the Committee Room when the 2010-2011 Management Committee will set the November meeting and new Hall Charges.

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