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Minutes 2009



 held on Monday 12th October 2009 in North Kessock Village  Hall




Joe Lindsay (Chair); Seoras Swanson; Joan Paterson; Keith Leech; Elizabeth MacLennan; Angus MacLean; Margaret MacKenzie; Margaret Brown; Joan McLennan; Graham Low; Janet Stollery; Kate Lindsay; Iain MacGregor; Janet Jardine; Richard White; Beryl White; Valerie James.

APOLOGIES:     Rhona Adams; Sandra Nicolson; Diana Reid; Dorothy Sigworth; Don Sigworth.


The Chairperson, Joe Lindsay opened the meeting by inviting everyone present to help themselves to cheese and wine.

He welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming to support the AGM. He added that the numbers were slightly better than last year and this was encouraging.


The minutes of these were circulated and the Chairperson, Joe Lindsay read them out.

Adoption was proposed by Joan Paterson and seconded by Kate Lindsay.



1.             Keith Leech said that he wasn’t listed as on the committee in last years AGM minutes, but Joe Lindsay reminded him that he wasn’t present and hadn’t offered apologies so therefore we had no instruction to add him onto committee for another year.


The proposed alterations to the constitution were circulated and read out. There were two main changes relating to child protection and auditing of accounts. Seoras Swanson and Joe Lindsay explained why these changes were being made. These were displayed in the local Spar shop and on the Community Council notice board at the top of the pier, 28 days before the AGM date. The chairman then asked if anyone had any objections to the changes. Richard White then proposed and Angus MacLean seconded the changes. Two copies were then passed around and signed by everyone present.


This was circulated and the Chairperson Joe Lindsay read out his report. He finished by saying thank you to all the committee members who have helped him throughout the year and in his time as chairman. He informed everyone present that he was stepping down from the position as from this years AGM. Special thanks to Joan Paterson, Secretary who is also retiring at this AGM. He added that Joan has served on the committee for many years and also thanked her for her work with the WRI and also her work as a leading member of the Carefree Club. Also thanks to Joan McLennan, Minutes Secretary.



The Treasurer, Seoras Swanson distributed the annual accounts. He briefly went over the accounts and this year we only have a deficit of £336 compared to last year where we had a deficit of £1344. We have lost a Dog Club this year which was a regular hall user. He also explained the accountancy practice of deposits received upon booking and returned after the event provided there has been no damage to hall etc.

Closing balance for this year is £8,078 compared with £8,414 last year. He then asked if there were any questions.

Keith Leech pointed out that we are running a deficit as there have been a lot of repair work done throughout the year  and there is still a large list of repairs needing done to hall and that we still need support. We are £1823 up on grant aid/from community with public events. The voluntary help over the year has been greatly appreciated with painting etc. Richard White asked a question about insurance which is actually down this year. Seoras Swanson explained that he arranged insurance this year through the council which resulted in a much lower premium. JL proposed a vote of thanks for all Seoras’s hard work.


The Booking Secretary, Margaret Mackenzie read out her report. In it she reported that we have ten clubs & groups who regularly use the hall with two new clubs starting at the end of the month. Over the year we have had various bookings including children’s parties, weddings and other private and fund raising functions. The hall is also used as a polling station and we host our two annual events, the Senior Citizens party and the Flower Show. Margaret then asked for any questions.

Joe Lindsay proposed a vote of thanks for all Margaret’s hard work over the year.


The Chairperson, Joe Lindsay asked who would like to be elected onto the committee to serve for the coming year.

Those who agreed were as follows:-

Seoras Swanson (Treasurer); Margaret Mackenzie (Bookings Secretary);Keith Leech; Angus MacLean; Elizabeth McLennan; Margaret Brown; Janet Jardine; Rhona Adams not present but willing to serve for another year.

Joan McLennan agreed to stay on as Minutes Secretary but as a non committee member.

Keith Leech commented that we had a good list of helpers but would like more to join the committee.

He also asked if Joe Lindsay would stay on the committee even although he was standing down as chairman. Joe declined but said he would be willing to continue running the 100 Club and also to host the website as he is willing to provide as much support as possible. He finished by saying that he has enjoyed his time on the committee and working with everyone.



Anne Watson has indicated that she is willing to carry on for another year. Keith Leech proposed this and Margaret Brown seconded the motion.



1.   Keith Leech asked a question about 100 Club – how much it is for the year and how it will be collected? Richard White also asked as to what is the 100 Club? Joe Lindsay explained. At present we have 200 No’s and 130 members. A draw takes place every month – 1st prize £25, 2nd £15, 3rd £10. Xmas month – 1st Prize £100. Cost is £10 for 10 months. Reminders are put out 1 month before expiry. This information passed onto Seoras Swanson and Angus MacLean asked if we could have a copy of members kept in the filing cabinet. Joe explained that this is not possible as the list needs constantly updated. He said he would give list of members to the committee the day before the draw is to take place at  each meeting and also put an explanation of the 100 Club on the Hub. This is to be printed off and stored in the filing cabinet.


2.  Graham Low offered a vote of thanks to Joe Lindsay for his time as chairman and also to the committee for another successful year.


3.   Keith Leech presented Joe Lindsay with a card and gift on behalf of the committee as a thank you for all his hard work in the leadership of the NKAA and  also maintenance and improvements which he has undertaken in and around the hall.

A card was also presented to Joan Paterson, Secretary who is also retiring from the committee.


4. Keith Leech also proposed a vote of thanks to Margaret Brown for organising the cheese and wine.


5. The meeting was then closed with a final round of applause for the retiring members Joan Paterson, Secretary and the Chairperson, Joe Lindsay.








Chairperson: Janet Jardine       – proposed SS and seconded by EMcL

Vice Chair: Margaret Brown      – proposed MM and seconded by  AMcL

Treasurer: Seroas Swanson      – proposed by AMcL and seconded by KL

Secretary: Margaret Mackenzie ­– proposed by KL and seconded by MB


Bookings Secretary: Margaret Mackenzie

Maintenance Sub Committee: Keith Leech

Minutes Secretary: Joan McLennan

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