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MINUTES of MEETING held at 8.00pm on Monday 6th December 2010 in North Kessock Hall
Janet Jardine (JJ) Seoras Swanson (SS) Margaret Brown (MB) Elizabeth MacLennan (EMcL)  Rhona Adam (RA)  Keith Leech (KL) Angus MacLean (AMcL) Joan McLennan (JMcL) 
Margaret Mackenzie (MM) 
3. CHAIRPERSON'S WELCOME – The Chairperson Janet Jardine opened the meeting and thanked everyone for attending especially in the current weather conditions.
4. ADOPTION OF MINUTES– of 1st November were proposed by AMcL and seconded by EMcL.
Floor Hall Status – JJ has spoken to Gerry Parkes re his kind offer of help with resealing and polishing hall floor. (see Hall Project Report)
Fire Alarm Checks – KL said that he had not managed to display a new fire alarm checks record sheet yet. He added that another volunteer is needed to help carry out these checks. EMcL and SS were happy to take on this task. (EMcL SS)
It was decided that it should be done directly before or after the monthly meeting.
100 Club – RA has re-jigged the letter of invitation/explanation to join 100 Club. She added that Joe Lindsay is still the collector of monies for the 100 Club. A discussion then took place about how we would distribute this letter. Our list of helpers needs to be updated and then contacted. A leaflet is to be produced for the community with a hall improvement update and asking for help with decorating etc once hall improvements have been completed. If the 100 Club letter is approved, it can then go out with leaflet on hall improvements. RA is to email letter to committee members via the Hub and a decision on how to distribute left until the New Year.
Cleaning Contract Update – MM has contacted people interested in cleaning contract. (see Cleaning Contract Update)
21st Birthday Party – (See Bookings Secretary’s Report)
6. TREASURER'S REPORT – SS circulated copies of the October report. The question has arisen again of do we need both PPL and PRS licences. SS confirmed that we do need both licences to play music in public, be it records, CD’s, radio or television. SS said he would look into the cost of these licences for charities and see if we could get a reduction on the cost (SS).
Bank balance at 31/10/10 was £15,004.36 (included grant money which was specific to hall improvement project).
Bank Balance at end of November £9,931.19.  RA and KL adopted the report.
7. BOOKINGS SECRETARYS REPORT - MM was not present but JJ read out the report. The request for the 21stbirthday party on the 6th January 2011 can now go ahead with full parental supervision. MM to liaise (MM)There is a new club booking – Chanquanshu Taichi via SS. They are to meet on a Saturday from 1pm to 5pm every 4 weeks starting in January 2011.
There have also been a few bookings cancelled due to the bad weather. Sally Cooper who is organising the Hogmanay Party is kindly donating any profit from the dance to the North Kessock Amenities.
The list of hall users is now on Kessock website. Also a letter has been sent to Jock Brocas regarding his outstanding sum of £228.00 owed to the hall.
JJ went over these items and updated the list of key holders. Crockery is to be made available to clubs from now on. Users need to be asked to keep a record of breakages (MM).
The Rev Iain Ramsden has given the Amenities Committee contact details for the mission hall. This can be used as an alternative venue for a donation. Also EMcL said that the Bowling Club building could be uses for meetings but has limited use. JJ to pass contact details to MM (JJ).
A letter from a Mrs Macdonald of North Kessock with a list of dates on which she would like the Saltire flag flown has been received. She also offered help with the flag flying if she was given training. JJ to write back and thank her for her kind offer but she would have to be a full committee member to be able to deal with flag flying. Also to be stated in the letter that we will try to accommodate all dates for the flag flying but a funeral where the flag is flown at half mast takes precedence (JJ).
No           44.                Murray MacEwan       £100
No           40.                Janet Stollery              £15
No         123.                 Ron Gunstone            £10
KL delivered his report. There had been problems with all four toilet frost stat heaters and the two meeting room toilets had been freezing. The electrician reset all four but the main hall gents’ toilets continue to have problems. The electrician will try to obtain and fit a new element, failing this, the heater will have to be replaced. The convector heater in the committee room had been repaired.
Also one of the hot water urns in the kitchen was not working and this has also been fixed. Wheelchair ramp to be hung inside the door. The convector heater in the committee room had been mended. During the meeting there was an accident to a committee member. The chair he was sitting on collapsed. A report was filled out in the accident book and filed. The chair in question was scrapped.

All the committee members have been kept up to date with hall improvements via emails on the Hub. The building warrant has been held up due to a building control issue. A structural engineer has been to the hall and said that there is not a problem. He is sending a report to the Highland Council. All the funding is now in place and we are just waiting on warrant being granted so that we can proceed. The contracts have been awarded and the contractors have been notified.
SS then explained the project funding requirements and the proposed payment schedule and mechanism.
SS is also distributing Highland Leader Fund time sheets to committee members to fill in via the Hub. The Minute’s Secretary also to fill in time sheets as she minutes the hall project information. Logos from all grant funding bodies i.e., CARES, Highland Leader and the Highland Council to be fixed on all information distributed regarding hall project. This includes all project documentation for website, press releases, hall plans and any notices. On completion of hall improvement works there will be a permanent plaque erected in the hall to acknowledge Leader funding. The Amenities Committee would like to take this opportunity to say how grateful they are to all the organisations for the funding received in connection with the Hall Improvements Project.
Hall floor- Gerry Parkes has offered his time for free providing we get the materials. He will do this after the building works as part of the” making good” part of the hall improvement project. His hours will count towards the total voluntary hours contribution. JJ to ask Mr Parkes about the process he would use for sanding the hall floor, and ask him if this would affect the badminton markings etc. (JJ).
A vote of thanks to AMcL who has painted strips on the outside steps. It was pointed out that there also needs to be a strip painted on top of the steps as well (AMcL). KL has made a wooden ramp for main entrance wheelchair users.
Contact has been made with parties interested in the cleaning position. It has been made clear to them that the position will be available after the completion of hall improvements. The present cleaner is able to carry on meanwhile. MM to talk to prospective cleaners before Xmas to explain the nature of the job and when they will be available (MM).
15. A.O.C.B. -
The committee were asked how they felt about Xmas decorations this year as the hall improvements are not now taking place until after New Year. JJ said she would contact MM with regard to Xmas parties etc and then email committee members with a decision (JJ).
The next Regular Meeting is onMonday 3rd January 2010 in the Committee Room at 8pm.
The Minute’s Secretary JM offered her apologies for this meeting.

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