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Minutes Apr 2011

MINUTES of MEETING held at 8.30pm on Monday 4th April 2011 in North Kessock Hall

Janet Jardine (JJ) Seoras Swanson (SS) Margaret Brown (MB) Elizabeth MacLennan (EMcL) Keith Leech (KL) Angus MacLean (AMcL) Margaret Mackenzie (MM) Joan McLennan (JMcL) 

Rhona Adam (RA) 
3. CHAIRPERSON'S WELCOME – The Chairperson Janet Jardine opened the meeting and thanked everyone for attending. She apologised for not sending out the April agenda before the meeting.
The evening had started with a hall update meeting at 7.30pm in the main hall for all committee members prior to commencement of regular meeting at 8.30pm in committee room.

A vote of official thanks was given to EMcL for meeting with the VIPs from the Scottish Office in the hall in February.
At the early meeting the members discussed pros and cons of painting and woodwork preparation. All electrical work has been completed. We are still awaiting completion certificates from the electrician. KL sends regular reports to the funding bodies on the progress of the hall.
5. ADOPTION OF MINUTES OF MEETING – held on Monday 7th March 2011. Proposed by EMcL and seconded by MM.


7. BOOKINGS SECRETARYS REPORT - MM delivered her report. She reported that there has been no change with the current outstanding invoices. New classes include a Zumba class run by Fiona MacKay on a Monday 10-11 am  (summer months Friday 7pm-8pm) and Seoras Swanson is running a Tai Chi club on Mondays 1-3pm. The hall has been booked for the following events: - a line dancing evening on 4th June from 3pm – 12 midnight; a family get together on 11th June from 1pm-5pm; a charity event for Highland Cycle Club on Sunday 26th June; charity function for RNLI on 30th Sept; a play by Ann Gunstone on 11th & 12th Nov. The wedding booked for 9th July 2011 and function booked for 4th Feb 2012 have both been cancelled.
Claire Crosbie is kindly going to hold her Tai Kwondo classes in the school to allow open day to go ahead in the hall. The RNLI would like to borrow chairs again for event on 5th April. Black Isle Brewery would also like to borrow tables. We have told them that we would request a donation in return. It was decided to discuss policy and points to consider on future loan of hall tables and chairs.
MM has emailed all clubs asking if they are compliant with the legislation on PPL (Phonographic Performance Licence) and PRS (Performing Rights Society) licences. Most clubs do not require theses licences but clubs that do are pursuing the matter. The NKAA will continue to charge a fee to cover the cost of the licence for use of recorded music in the hall at an event until they obtain their own licence.
8. TREASURERS REPORT – SS delivered the report for March. There has not been much activity this month in light of the hall improvements. Bank Balance at end of March £7,377.79. 
We still have the usual list of outstanding invoices. After discussion it was decided for all new clubs, we will require more information i.e., landline & mobile numbers, address plus down payment. Also new clubs must supply an A5 poster for the notice board. All clubs should supply a new poster annually. SS attended a meeting recently in February in Munlochy Hall regarding bridging finance for the hall improvement project.  Funds were received in connection with this on 1st April. SS also distributed an updated finance report on the hall improvement project. JJ asked MM to send a thank you letter to the Highland Rugby Club for their donation towards borrowing tables. (MM)

9. MAINTENANCE REPORT – There was no formal maintenance report this month but KL reported that we hope to make a start next week on painting and sanding with the help of volunteers. The Highland Rugby Club has offered to try to get a team to help. JJ asked KL for a task sheet to work from. (KL) JJ to make up a list of volunteers and email to KL (JJ)

10. 100 CLUB DRAW
No            25.                         A. Lobban        £25
No          150.                     Sandy Wilson        £15
No          149.                     Janet Jardine        £10
a) MB asked about newspaper publicity for the hall improvements. It was decided to leave advertising until further progress has been made with hall i.e., arrival of boiler/solar panels. 
b) JJ asked if we have paid Calico for Kessock Hub charges and SS confirmed that we have paid the bill. SS to inform Calico of change of contact details from John Tuach to SS. (SS)
c) Local Elections: hall booked for Wednesday 4th & Thursday 5th May.
d)  KL reported that the Kessock Pier organisation had a meeting last week and were putting together a constitution and have asked if they can look ours. It was decided to let them know that they can view our constitution details on the NKAA website.
e) There was a discussion on the format of the Hall Improvements Project Open Day on 18th June. Some of the suggestions were:-
 a talk on sustainability; a sample board of materials used; guided tour; power point presentation of before and after; large logos of funding bodies; notice boards; brass plaque; teas; primary school presentation.
NKAA trustees are to be informed that preliminary plans are being made for completion of hall improvements. KL to source bands for a proposed ceilidh on the evening of 18th June after the Open Day. (KL) JJ to see if hall users would be willing to volunteer help with catering etc. (JJ)   Further discussion to take place at next meeting.
The next Hall Project Meeting is to be held on Monday 2nd May 2011in the Main Hall at 7.30pm.
The next Regular Meeting is to be held on Monday 2nd May 2011 in the Committee Room at 8.00pm.

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