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Minutes Nov 2011


MINUTES of MEETING held at 7.30pm on Monday 24th October 2011(November Meeting) in North Kessock Hall

Margaret Brown (MB) Keith Leech (KL) Seoras Swanson (SS) Elizabeth MacLennan (EMcL) Margaret Mackenzie (MM) 
Fiona MacKay (FM) Suzie Vesty (SV) Joan McLennan (JMcL) (Minutes Secretary) Chrissie Logan


The Chairperson Margaret Brown opened the meeting and thanked everyone for attending. She also welcomed Chrissie Logan who has come along this evening to discuss the possibility of holding a Senior Citizens lunch.

held on Monday 3rd October, was proposed by SS and seconded by MM.

a/Hall Floor Upkeep Offer - Gerry Parkes has kindly offered again to polish the floor. It was decided to put this off until the chair feet have been done. It was also decided that we need some kind of rubber grid/mats at the front door and in the vestibule before entering the hall to prevent dirt and grit being carried in on feet. SV to investigate suppliers and obtain prices. (SV)
b/ Renewable Heat Incentive - It was decided that this is not a viable proposition at the present time as we do not qualify under the scheme.
c/ Hall Improvement Progress Report – We do not require an extension on the project funding from Leader.
d/ Rubbish & Recycling - – Hall users have been putting rubbish into the old green bin. The bin is to be locked after the next refuse collection and moved elsewhere until HC can collect it. The new refuse collection date is Tuesday.

SS delivered his report for October. There was not a lot of movement on the account this month.
MM has sent another letter to Jock Brocas with regard to his outstanding invoices but has had no response to date. In the letter we thanked him for the donation of mats to the hall. KL has bought a new torch. Invoice to come from the acoustic engineer for £180. SS has received a letter from HC thinking him for filling out form for Non Domestic Rates Review. There is no change for the coming year. Also received from HC was a letter regarding yearly grants for village halls. The amount is still £1000 but there is a new 16 page form to fill in! The accounts are now ready to be examined by our auditor, Ann Watson.
Bank balance to 24th October = £6,993.98

MM read out her report. A booking has been made for a function being held by The Seagull Trust on 21st April 2012 and the committee room has been booked by the Social Dancers on the 22nd November2011. The Community Market has booked their Saturday mornings in the hall for the coming into year.

The contractors have been in most days recently. Last week they put in the founds for the retaining wall and ramp for the boiler house. The ashes from the new boiler are to be wheeled down this ramp. The solar panels on the roof and the piping have not yet been connected and we are still waiting on the new water tank. The vent in the kitchen wall has been fixed. The switch over from the old to new heating system will have to be done simultaneously.  Possibly 2nd week in November for completion. Chris from Solar is going to order the first load of pellets (couple of tons) for the boiler.
The acoustic survey has been done. A firm from Beauly called JM Associates have provided quotes and recommended that we erect 18 panels on the walls wrapped with fabric plus 12 panels on the ceiling. This along with stage curtains should help the acoustics dramatically. A discussion then took place on the different colours and fabrics available plus costings. Also discussed was the possibility of curtains or blinds for the windows.
Isobel MacCallum from the HC has said that they can help with a grant towards this solution. MM to write to acoustic firm and ask them to hold quote for three months. (MM) Open Day for the hall project completion will now hopefully take place in January or February.
One of the windows is leaking. KL has contacted Tom Williamson the original contractor. He is no longer in business but will try to get another contractor to deal with it.

One of the portable electric hobs from the kitchen has gone missing. Clubs to be asked if anyone can shed light on this. Cupboard under the kitchen hatch is open; can someone with a key please lock it? KL has sent an email to chase up the electrician and the PIR inspections which need to be carried out. A new contact breaker fuse box is also needed. A piece of wood has broken off one of the sliding doors under the stage and needs fixing. The feet for the chairs are now to be done at 9.30am on Wednesday morning 26/10/11. SS is taking his silicone gun and the sliding door can be fixed at the same time. (SS)

A Xmas lunch has been suggested for the Senior Citizens this year. Saturday 10th December has been agreed. The committee discussed the menu with Mrs Logan who has kindly offered to organise the lunch. MM to write to Tesco’s and ask if they would be willing to donate any items towards the party. (MM) FM will provide the music on her Zumba sound system. There will also be a raffle. Clubs will be asked to kindly donate a raffle prize. MM to organise Santa. (MM) A few ideas for the content of the party were discussed.
JM to organise delivery of the tree. The 7th and 8th December 2012 has been reserved in the diary for next year’s party.  The hall will be set up on Friday 9th December at night. FM has offered to produce the invitations along with a ‘What’s On’ leaflet to go through every door in the district. These are to be distributed by 14th November with a reply date of 3rd Dec. The lunch will be at 12.30pm for 1pm.

10. A.O.C.B  –
a/ Table Cloth Issue and Card Tables -  This is to be carried forward to next meeting.
b/ Release of minutes onto Notice Board “Subject to Approval” – This is to be carried forward to next meeting.
c/ Scuff marks have been found on the seating and stairs. These need to be touched up again with paint.
d/ Margaret Brown announced that she is away until December 11th. She asked everyone on the committee to be vigilant in looking after the hall and seeing to any complaints.

The fire checks were carried out at the end of the meeting and found to be satisfactory.

12. 100 CLUB DRAW –

No              84                       Helen Barton   £25
No              41                       David Jardine  £15
No            111                     Andrew Murray  £10

The next Meeting is to be held on Monday 5th December 2011 in the Committee Room at 7.30pm

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