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Minutes May 2012



Monday 30th April 2010 @ 7.30pm


 Fiona Mckay(FM), Chairperson;  Margaret Mackenzie(MM), Secretary and Bookings; Keith Leech (KL), Project and Maintenance manager; Margaret Brown(MB) (Minutes in Minute Sec. Absence); Elizabeth Maclennan (EL)

Gerry Parkes (Archery Club) was also present by invitation to discuss future use of hall for archery.

Apologies for absence:-  Seoras Swanson – Treasurer;  Joan McLennan; Suzie Vesty.

Archery discussion – Gerry very apologetic re the recent damage to stage door and stage frontage. Committee keen to keep all its groups but health and safety of all concerned a major issue as well as possibility of continued damage to the hall and equipment. On stage visit to try to find practical solution to problems involved. Archery group to consider possible solutions, the suitability of the venue for their purpose, and to get back to the committee.

Adoption of Minutes – Proposed by Keith Leech and seconded by Elizabeth Maclennan with minor alteration re name spelling.

Matters Arising – all issues could be discussed under Agenda heading.

Treasurers report – not available for this meeting .  Treasurer to provide report as soon as becomes available ie in May.  Works to Hall have made a very worthwhile improvement. Fundraising activity is now required to boost finances (FM). 

Secretary’s Report – Discussion re. future rates for the Hall. ? one for local people and one for commercial use. No conclusion – for future discussion again.

Secretary (MM) to write to Archery Club stating the views of the committee re Archery in the hall  and stage area, stating various rules and regs re health and safety applicable to hall use. for the safety of all concerned and for the maintenance of the hall in its current state.

Hall Cleaning – Issues have been raised over the hall cleaning with complaints received re. hall cleanliness for Sunday groups when hall has been fully utilised over weekend.  Difficult for official cleaning to take place where activities continuous over the weekend but increased weekend cleaning to be addressed. (MM). All groups to be reminded of the necessity to clean up after their activity and in particular those that run back to back with another activity.

Community market to be reminded to wipe down sides and do a thorough sweep after use. Monitoring of hall cleaning by groups and by cleaner to be carried out by  committee members whenever possible.


12th May        Car Boot Sale

19th May         All Beauty & Healthy Living Event

30th April         Black Isle Transition Committee Room All Day

1st    July           Frances Grant dancers – Afternoon 3 – 5 pm.

13th July            Frances Grant dancers – Evening function

23rd July            Function


Maintenance Report – Keith Leech

1.     No response from other halls contacted, re interest in purchasing remaining acoustic panels. KL to ask them again and if response negative to source further site, advertising for sale.

2.     Door closure mechanism of hall/vestibule door is broken. It will be difficult to repair. damage thought to have occurred when Highland Council delivered trestle tables to hall prior to election. To be contacted by Sec. (MM).

3.     Highland Council vehicles and materials were stored and used in hall car park, whilst repairing playpark area, for at least 3 days.  They did not ask permission.

4.     Joining links for broken blind have been sent up by Commercial Blinds UK. They will also supply tool if required. Ladder required (KL) plus additional assistance required (SS or MB) and spotlight bulb (fused) to be fixed at same time.

5.     Blu Tac and drawing pins to be used on boards only. Blu tac acceptable on walls only and must be fully removed after use.

6.     Care with helium balloons required. Loose balloons floating up to full ceiling height cannot be removed and are not always acceptable to another hall user/activity.

7.     Where the hall is booked, this refers to the basic hall area and does not include the stage unless it has also been booked.

8.     Notice to be made and placed by stage access, to remind hall users that the stage is not to be accessed, or curtains touched, unless stage has been booked.(FM)

9.     Complaints re state of hall cleanliness – addressed under Secretarys Report.

10.   Battery re. Emergency torch still required but not urgent. Current battery in working order.


Project Report – Paperwork for completion

Phase 1 – Liz Whiteford had meeting with KL, SS, and MB to discuss finalisation of project finances and paperwork required. Due to additional works involving lining and  draughtproofing under stage, insulation to ducting, providing backs to side seating in the hall and painting stage area, there have been increased demands on funds.  Further contingency funds will be available to cover part of this deficit, with NKAA funding the remaining deficit to see project to completion.


Project Report (MB) and Photographs(SS) to be completed.

Monitoring and Evaluation form (MB) to be completed.

Completion certificates to be obtained from contractors (KL)


Oil tank – (KL) suggested advertising for sale on gumtree. Diesel tank. Empty.  (Action KL.)


Melanie Macrae and manager from CARES had a visit to view the project at NK Hall and were most impressed. They would like to receive a report for community magazine with photographs and possibly CD of works progress.


Hall Fundraising

Various possibilities:_

Country and Western Night

Kessock’s Got Talent

Beetle Drive/Whist Drive

Encourage a “ big name” – Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham or Duncan Chisholm or Wolfstone??


Discussion re. Flower Show and best date for this. Last year function was poorly attended but this year it is hoped to see increased entries by  using a later date. Date to be confirmed.


Draw 100 Club

£25         170       David Saunders     Whin Brae  Point Road North Kessock

£15          155       Margaret Brown   6 Bellfield Road North Kessock

£10           143      Chris MacGee        27 Drumsmittal Road North Kessock


Fire Alarm Tested (KL)


Date of Next Meeting:-  Wednesday 6th June 2012



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