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Minutes of Meeting held on 4th June 2014 at North Kessock Hall

 Present:     Margaret Brown  MB      Seoras Swanson     SS                                    

                  Liz Brooker         LB       Alison Swanson      AS

                  Trina McEwan     TM       Mary-Anne Thomson    M-AT


1  Chairman’s Welcome    MB welcomed committee members, to the meeting.


2  Apologies: Susie Vesty



3  Minute of Previous Meeting – May 7th: Approved proposed by AS, seconded by LB.



4  Matters Arising:


  • Electrician: still waiting on a quote. MB to contact him.
  • Hall painting: awaiting progress. Project manager works PT, MB to contact.
  • Mission hall: No news to date.
  • Bank signatories: SS has visited local RBS branch, paperwork amended and should now progress to changing of signatories.
  • Lost property: Notice has now been posted on NKAA website.
  • Bookings: AS has sent an email to FMcK re outstanding invoices. Will progress on return.
  • Damaged window: (committee room) – James Dingwall to be contacted


5  Treasurer’s Report:


  • Detailed accounts were presented to committee members present.
  • Encouraging month: Income: £2,152.52



6  Booking Secretary(s) Report:


  • Payment via BACS: This option has now been added to the booking form.
  • Polling day bookings: AS is now liaising with HC (Isobel) re booking/setting up times. Paperwork re HC bookings/payments – signed by MB.
  • Hall hourly charges: Discussion on variation hall charges. To be reviewed at next meeting.



7  Maintenance:

  • Eaves damage: A hole has appeared outside the cttee room window, which has allowed birds to access and nest in the eaves/roof of the hall. Hole will be blocked up at the end of the nesting season.
  • Boiler: Pellets on order. Metal bucket and small shovel to be purchased. Joe and Angus to be shown how to empty the ash bucket. (on SS return). We are waiting on return of ‘programmer’, (the increase in pellet use may be due to the lack of ‘programmer’ unit).


8  Summer Show:

  • Date of show set at last meeting as: Saturday 2nd August 2014.
  • Following up on comments from last year’s show, it was agreed to amend the show schedule re Arts and Crafts section:

Class 81: Crafted item (fabric, yarn etc)

Class 82: Crafted item (other material, wood, metal etc) additional class:

Class 83: Jewellery item

  • Amended schedule will be sent to committee for comment/approval
  • Distribution: Kessock hall, shop, school and surgery; Munro Nursery, other garden shops, church’s etc.
  • Trophies: MB has the engraved trophies and will distribute them. Photographs to be taken of the trophies before distribution, enabling us to retain an accurate record of the trophies.
  • Judges: Contact to be made with: Gavin Dalmyre (flowers); Joan at The White House (baking); Susan and Philip (arts & crafts) and Swanson’s (fruit & veg).



9  100 Club Draw:

                    June:      £25 - No 35, Brenda McEwan, 24 Bellfield Road, NK

                                  £15  -  “   64, Margaret Stout, Ceol na Mara, NK

                                  £10  -  “   58, Seaview, Criagton, NK



10  Fire Alarm Test: - Test done


11  AOCB:

  • Bins: Have been filled with glass bottles which the refuse lorry would not collect, as they should have been disposed of in the recycling bins.
  • Security: The back doors have been left open on two occasions.
  • Re-cycle bins are being moved from current position to the west side of the car park.
  • Cycle racks have been put into position next to the main hall door. If used in their current position, bicycles could protrude beyond the wall onto the road and may prove a hazard.
  • Mary-Anne Thomson who attended the meeting was co-opted on as a member of the NKAA committee.


12  Date of next Meeting – July 2nd (Wednesday) - 7.30pm   


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