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Mins Mar 2008


MINUTES of MEETING held on at 7.30pm on Wednesday 5th March 2008 in North Kessock Hall

J Lindsay (JL) in the chair; Seoras Swanson (SS); Eliz. McLennan (EMcL); Angus MacLean (AmcL); Margaret Mackenzie (MM); Janice Johnston (JJ); Joan McLennan (JMcL)

Joan Paterson (JP): John Tuach (JT); Keith Leech (KL)    

Joe Lindsay, the Chairperson welcomed everyone, and reported that Mary Fulton has decided not to come onto the committee.
He also welcomed Joan McLennan who has agreed to join us as Minutes Secretary on a trial basis and as a non committee member.

Proposed by George Swanson.  Seconded by Margaret MacKenzie.

DETAILS                   (* * ) = ACTION   BY
1. A card has been received from Chrissie Logan thanking the committee for her very unexpected ‘Thank You’ vouchers.
2. An application for a Public Entertainment Licence for 3 years has been received and has been duly filled in by JL
3. A booking enquiry has been received for a wedding on Sat 11th April 2009 by Nell Cheer and Hugh MacGillvray. They have requested a late licence until 1.30pm. A letter to be sent saying committee has no objections to this but to be aware of noise levels as the event will run into early Sunday morning. (MM)
5. Ring Craft Club have returned their January invoice stating that they have been overcharged. They were charged £8.50 per hour, but it had earlier been agreed that they should be charged £5.00 per hour until the April meeting, when rates will be revised. To be adjusted. (EMcL)


1. Clubs - A5 s
Social Dancers and Indoor Bowling Club have handed in their detailed A5 Posters for the notice board.
All A5 Posters are now in.

2.  Filing Cabinet - Inventories
An inventory of Bowling Club equipment etc for the filing cabinet has been received from EMcL
An Inventory of the Carefree Club equipment etc is still to be produced (JP)
The old filing cabinet has been inspected. Still has to be ‘weeded’ out. It was decided to keep relevant files for ten years for tax purposes and also plans, documents etc. Everything else to be thrown out. (JP) and (JJ)

3. Maintenance sub-committee
H&S Report: KL has reported that we may need a Health & Safety Report for the Public Entertainment Licence.
This to be looked into. (JL) and (KL)
Gas Heaters; New regulators are still to be acquired for the gas heaters. (KL)
Card Tables; The card tables are in the process of being re-covered. (KL)
Maintenance Day; (Sat. 8th March) JL reported that he had a team of 6-7 men and 3-4 women to help at the’ maintenance day’.
Painting and some joinery work etc will be carried out. JL asked permission to buy materials for the day including small step ladder and convector heater. GS and AMcL said they would bring tools. (JL)
Meeting With Other Halls; A meeting is still to be arranged between some of the committee and other hall committees to discuss funding etc (KL) & (SS)
Flag Pole; Knockbain Community Council and Councillor Isobel MCCallum have kindly offered to donate £200 each towards the flag pole. To be noted:- Thanks for Arthur Lobban’s help and thanks to (AMcL) who attended the meeting. JL also wrote to Morrison’s regarding help with funding but to date has not received a reply. As we now have £400 pledged, the committee agreed that the flag pole can now be ordered. (KL)
Notice Board; JL wrote to Planning Dept and we don’t need permission to erect Notice Board. The notice board is now to be ordered (JT)
Hall Sign ; JL reported that if Community Council apply for Planning Permission for Hall Sign, as our agents, the cost of the application will be halfed. JL to report to next meeting. (JL)
Work List; A report submitted by KL was circulated.

4. Web Site  
JL reported that the web site was now up and running. It is still in the process of being developed by JT. The name of the site is www.kessock-hall.net (JT)


5. Programme for coming year.
a)It was agreed that the village dance which was proposed by JL for Sat 17th May should now be postponed.
b)The Flower Show will be on Sat 9th August. (EMcL) was asked to source judges. (EMcL)
The ‘Best Garden Competition’ was discussed and few members seemed to know much about it. It was suggested to re-think the competiton to allow gardens to be "nominated". The committee was asked to think about any changes to be made in connection with the Flower Show for next months agenda.

6. 100 Club membership
New metal tokens have been produced by JL.
We have acquired 48 new members. We are still hoping to increase that number to approx 100. (JL)

7. Booking procedures for Clubs and Functions 
A "draft procedure sheet" for clubs is to be put on the ‘Hub’ for viewing.(JL).  SS, EMcL & MM to have a look and adjust it as necessary.
(SS) (EMcL) (MM)
MM to get a small receipt book for deposits on hall bookings. (MM)

8. Flags
As KL not present it was decided to continue discussion at next meeting.

9. Village Halls Summit
No one from the committee was available to attend.

10. SCVO Web Site
A report on this has still to be prepared. JT to look into it and see what is of value. (JT)

11. Social Meal
JL has proposed a social meal for the committee in March or April. The meal is to be held be in the White Cottage Tearoom in North Kessock. This is to take the form of a relaxing social night away from committee business. The committee agreed this should go ahead and JL said he would put a list of available dates on the ‘Hub’.
It was also agreed that the meal should include partners and also the key holder & cleaner etc. (JL)

GS distributed his report.  The current balance is £10,563.26.


a) EMcL brought up that there used to be a kitchen drawer full of tea towels, but this has now diminished. JJ stated that at last Social Dancers event some of the ladies had taken tea towels home to be laundered as they had used a large number. EMcL said that it was always the cleaner’s responsibility to clean the tea towels as this prevented them being removed from the premises. Some members did not think that this should be included in the cleaner’s duties. A notice is to put up for the attention of all clubs stating that they are responsible for the laundering and return of any tea towels used. (JL)
GS to look into acquiring more tea towels from Bookers. A pack for kitchen drawer and a pack to be kept for emergencies.(SS)
b) AMcL said he would be prepared to rub down and re-paint all hand rails around the hall in the better weather. (AMcL)
c) AMcL reported that there is to be a ‘Village Cleanup’ on Saturday 15th March organised by Arthur Lobban. Meeting place is the underpass leading to the Old Drumsmittal School Road at 8am for anyone able to help.
d) MM reported that she had not heard from Brenda Grant concerning her hall booking for 5th April, it was agreed she should be approached to see if booking is still valid. (MM)

100 CLUB WINNERS   :    No. 15   Ruby Crosbie  £25
    No. 22  Queenie Anderson £15
    No. 51  Douglas Rodgers £10

NEXT MEETING   Wed. 2nd April 2008

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