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Mins Apr 2008


MINUTES of MEETING held on at 7.30pm on Wednesday 2nd April 2008 in North Kessock Hall

J Lindsay (JL) in the chair; Eliz. McLennan (EMcL); Joan Paterson (JP); Angus MacLean (AmcL); Margaret Mackenzie (MM); Janice Johnston (JJ); John Tuach (JT); Joan McLennan (JMcL)

Seoras Swanson (SS); Keith Leech (KL)    

Joe Lindsay, the Chairperson welcomed everyone. He reported that the recent Maintenance Day had gone well and a lot had been done. Thanks to everyone involved.

Proposed by Margaret MacKenzie. Seconded by Elizabeth McLennan

DETAILS                   (* *) = ACTION   BY
1. A booking enquiry via email has been received from a Gary Diamond wanting to book hall for 5th April 2008. He was told that unfortunately the hall is booked on that date. JL
2. Jean Ross from Macmillan Cancer Support Group is running a Scottish Country Dance in the hall in August. She has asked to be included in the groups excempt from paying a deposit on hall bookings. The committee agreed that all bookings should have the same rules apply and a deposit will be necessary. (MM)


1. Filing Cabinet - Inventories
JP has produced Carefree Club inventory.
Old filing cabinet still to be weeded. (JP & JJ)

2. Maintenance sub-committee
A report was submitted by KL with apologies for not being able to attend the meeting.

H&S Report: We may need a Health & Safety Report for the Public Entertainment Licence. This still to be looked into. (KL)
Gas Heaters; The gas bottles have been placed in the heaters, we are not allowed to store spare bottles in the building. due to Fire Regs. Spare cylinders have to be stored outside in a secured cage.
Card Tables; All damaged card tables have now been repaired, two recovered and all returned to the hall.
Maintenance Day; (Sat. 8th March) JL produced report on recent Maintenance Day. He also suggested a Paintathon for the outside of hall in the near future. The hiring of scaffolding was discussed and also the legalities of using it. I.e. health & safety and insurance. To be looked into further. (JL)
EMcL wished her complaint to be minuted with regard to the crockery which was thrown out from kitchen cupboards on Maintenance Day, especially the 12” sandwich plates. She thought that a lot of clubs were going to be inconvenienced and would now have to provide their own. JL stated that we still have a lot of crockery, but took responsibility for crockery and apologised.
Meeting With Other Halls; This is to be carried forward and progressed by (KL & SS)
Flag Pole; KL has now ordered the flag pole. Knockbain Community Council kindly donated £200.
A letter of thanks to be sent. (JP)
Councillor Isobel MaCallum has promised a donation also. Forms which need to be completed have not been received yet. Mrs MaCallum had said that she would attend the April meeting but unfortunately didn’t make it. To be followed up. (JL)
Notice Board; The notice board has arrived. It needs to be opened to see how easy it is to erect. The committee decided to erect the notice board to the right of committee room door on outside of hall. Progress towards erection of notice board. (JT)
Hall Sign; JL has applied for Planning Permission to erect Hall Sign, approx £70. He has received a quote from The Sign Centre to supply and fit the sign for £248. + VAT

3. Web Site  
JT to check all info up to date. (JT)

4. Programme for coming year.
a) Burns Supper The committee decided not to host a Burns Supper on Friday 23rd January 2009. It was suggested to offer the date to some of the other clubs using the hall. EMcL asked what the charge would be for the night and for setting up if the Bowling Club were to run a Burns Supper. The sum of £100 was agreed with the usual deposit. The committee asked that the Bowling Club get back to us as soon as possible so that it can be offered to another club if they decide against it. (EMcL)       If not, offer to be put on ‘Hub’. (JT)
b) The Flower Show The flower show planner & schedule put together by JL was discussed. EMcL made a few corrections on timing of leaflets, posters etc.  Committee members to revise schedule & planner and bring any comments to May meeting. Revised schedule to be ready for 4th June. JL suggested supplying the children in North Kessock Primary School with seeds, pots & compost this year. MM to phone head teacher to ask if she thinks it is something they would be interested in, leaving it up to the head teacher to decide what would be most suitable to grow. (MM)
MM to follow this up and acquire the seeds, pots & compost and put out to school by end of May. (MM)
MM to provide JL with the relevant information for content of invite to be issued with seeds etc (MM) (JL)
EMcL to ask Sandy MacLennan if he will kindly sponsor children’s section once again. (EMcL)
It was agreed to revise entry price from 50p to £1 to cover teas.
EMcL had sourced judges for the day itself but did not have a garden judge yet. (JL)

5. 100 Club membership
We now have an additional 98 members. JP said that JL was to be congratulated on his efforts in the drive for new members.

6. Booking procedures for Clubs and Functions 
The booking procedure and agreement documents had to be revised because of the Public Entertainment Licence. A rep from Environmental Health went round the hall with JL. A FIRE PREVENTION POLICY & PROCEDURE and an EVACUATION STRATEGY now to be issued with booking forms. (See booking agreement).
There was a discussion about Section 4. of booking agreement involving the use of candles on tables being a fire hazard. JJ disagreed with argument quoting that same ban should apply to alcohol as well, and that candles have been around and used in halls for years. JL proposed the ban on use of naked flames in hall. This was agreed by a majority.
JL to purchase approx 30No small neon light replacements. (JL)
EMcL said we should check licensing laws for functions running into Sunday mornings. MM to phone licensing board. (MM)
JL to revise changes in booking procedure and agreement. (JL)
7. Flags
To be continued.

8. SCVO Web Site
Look again, continue and report back. (JT)

9. Social Meal
JL has cancelled this proposal due to lack of interest. Maybe try to do again.

10. Wedding Booking
Brenda Grant has not been in touch. It was agreed that this wedding booking now be cancelled.

The report from SS was submitted in his absence. The current balance is£10,783.08
Proposed by Janice Johnston. Seconded by Joan Paterson.

a) Public Entertainment Licence This item is ongoing. KL has done a Risk Assessment and JL has carried out Environmental Health Survey.
b) Revision of Rental Rates JL proposed to put all rates up by £1 per hour effective from 01/05/08 except functions to remain at £14 per hour. Carefree Club now at £6 per hour. This was agreed. JL stated that the increase would put up hall income by approx £1000 per year. As pointed out by JL, revenue has been lost through not running Burns Suppers, Whist Drives, Fun Nights etc. Letters out to clubs. (JL)
Also booking forms out to all existing clubs so that they can book their hall requirements up to end of year. (MM)
c) A request has been received from Laura Grant about a Beavers Sleepover in the hall on Sat 14th June. It was agreed to put out booking form. (MM)
JL to contact Beavers about arrangements. (JL)
d) The Gaelic Group wants to hold a car boot sale & teas on Sat 19th April from 10am – 4pm. No objections to this. It was agreed to charge private group rents to £9.50 per hour.
e) It was agreed to donate the hall free of charge for Edith Beveridge’s presentation. Kessock Amenities to donate £100.
JL to instruct SS to issue cheque to Diana Reid. (JL) (SS)
f) Another maintenance day was agreed, involving a day's hire of scaffolding to paint the outside of hall before notice board and signs are erected. (JL)
g) JT suggested a Bring & Buy Sale. JT to progress and give more consideration. (JT)
h) JP reported that the art class which was held over the winter would like to donate and hang a painting in the hall. (42” x 42”). JP to ask for more detail about content of painting and how it is to be fixed to wall. It was agreed to hang painting on wall at the back of the stage. (JP)
i) EMcL handed in bill for repairs to Haig Rose Bowl i.e., new plinth & clasp etc. at a cost of £54.80. EMcL has paid, pass to SS for re-imbursement. (EMcL) (SS)

100 CLUB WINNERS   :    No. 100              Elaine Beaten      £25
    No.   98  Joan Paterson                 £15
                                                      No.  145             Rosemary Matheson       £10
JL to give details to SS

NEXT MEETING   Wed 5th May 2008

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