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North Kessock Village Hall

Health and Safety

North Kessock Village Hall is a totally non-smoking area.

All Hall users must acquaint themselves with

  • The location of the first aid box (in kitchen).
  • The location of the emergency exits (two in hall, one in committee room).
  • The fire fighting equipment (dry powder in kitchen, fire blanket in kitchen, water filled in committee room, fire hose in main hall).
  • The Emergency Evacuation Strategy (see notice board).
  • The Fire Prevention Policy and Procedure (see notice board).

The emergency doors are to be kept clear at all times.

No emergency doors are to be opened except in an emergency.


The emergency exit signs are to be switched on during an event.


No candles or other naked flames are permitted in the hall or other rooms.


You must ensure that electrical equipment introduced by you, or on your behalf, is in good condition.


You must carry out a risk assessment for your activity and act on it.


The hall has neighbours.  You must respect their right not to be disturbed by your activity.


Dogs are not permitted in the kitchen or on side benches or chairs.


Consumption of alcohol in the open outside the hall is prohibited by law.



NKAA November 2016

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